About us


Mission statement

 You design - We PRINT, CUT N SEW


Company Description and History.

 The Giftwrappers started off in 1983 selling wrapping paper and cards.  We would source wrapping paper and cards locally and resell to shops around Australia. 

We moved on to sell BOPP wrapping paper (shiny foil wrap).  This type of wrapping foil was commonly used by florists and then the discount gift shops stated selling them at low prices and high volumes.

We had to start importing this product direct form the factory in Vietnam.  It was not possible to maintain a margin otherwise.

However margins were being squeezed and it was a precarious way to make a living.

 Then, one day we were handed a sample of a hand woven table mat by a customer.  They wanted us to source and supply it.  We set about doing the needful.  It did not take us long to realise that this was a product of the handloom industry in India.

We thus set forth on a never ending journey in the world of textiles.

The handloom industry provided us a range of products for home décor, Kitchen napery to table décor, home furnishings, and floor coverings.  The list was never ending.

We imported the product from factories in India and supplied them to shops across Australia.  We even serviced customers in NZ, and New Caledonia.

But then the financial crisis of 2008 happened. It seems fate was determined to push us in another direction – AGAIN!!

Cash flow dried up, credit was non existent and sales took a dive. Customers were wary of restocking the product we had on hand.  They demanded new designs.

We were stocked to our gills with product that had a dwindling demand and the familiar refrain from customers was - What’s new?


Necessity is the mother of Invention – they say


So – kudos to my business partner Anita for this bright idea. An idea, that changed our entire business model. Her reasoning was, I do not have anything new in my treasure chest – but I can make you whatever you think would match your local market. We knew textiles and we taught ourselves to print. The learning curve was steep but it had to be done. 


The idea is simple – give the customer what he/she wants.  Businesses are run for profit and for that, the customer needs sales.  The surest way to sales is to change with the market. We had to make product to meet the market and we had to turn it around quickly.


So now we have a business model that tailors the product to match customer expectations.


We now offer a Print, Cut N Sew service (PCS).  Every stage of production is done in Australia.  We need to source the right fabric for the job. E.g. Cottons from India, and Linens from Europe. We print on natural fibers only.


We also collaborate with customers to develop designs that are unique.  This is the Unique selling proposition (USP) that becomes the engine of sales and growth.


In addition, we have a library of designs that are available to choose from. 


So if you have a resale outlet or you are a designer who wishes to supply resale outlets with your own designs – talk to us.


If you choose to simply purchase a few pieces as a gift for someone – you may choose from our range.  You may choose to print your own designs in a small qty - that is possible too.


Send us a message and we try to respond within 24 hours.  I it suits you – we can call you after hours to discuss your needs.


Our Motto

You choose the design – we PRINT, CUT N SEW it for you.


Core Values

We are a small family owned Australian company. Being small has its advantages.  It allows us to be nimble and respond quickly to market changes. We survive and thrive because of our close relationship with our customers.  We place a high emphasis on maintaining these relationships.

When you contact “The Giftwrappers P/L” AKA Koton Kraft – you are talking to the owners of the business.  We give great service because we understand our customer.