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Koton Kraft Bespoke

Create custom product lines Australia wide


Easy to order, based on your designer’s specifications


Our products are print, cut & sewn in Australia


Precision and timeless craftsmanship


Ready for your shop on delivery


Hand selected by our team of experts


No project is the same, your brand is your unique story

Product Concept

Develop your own unique products

Koton Kraft is here to bring your creations to life


Looking for something different?

Australian Made

All our products are made in our Sydney based factory.

Ready to start Merchandising?

Get in Touch Today!

What we're about

Done for you printed fabric products


We specialise in providing printing services for Australian small businesses, designers, and artists, whether you’re new to merchandising or a seasoned expert, acquiring Australian made merchandise has never been easier with Koton Kraft.


Our team takes great pleasure in collaborating with designers, helping them transform their artwork into exquisite textile and paper giftware ranges. 

We value the craftsmanship, dedication, and time invested by our creative customers, and we reciprocate this by applying the same level of care and attention to their projects.


Our team is Family owned and we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach and commitment to delivering personalised solutions.

Custom Printing

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